Beach Fitness Convention

Quality and entertainment

Bibione Beach Fitness is not just an open-air convention and it's not a fair, it's an EVENT that happens only once during the year!

A unique project that has as a common denominator the desire to collect the best of the fitness landscape and offer it with great professionalism to thousands of fans.

To say that the event is based on simple and pure fun would not be correct, the list of teachers and presenters who will tread on the stages has a very high value, meeting the needs of everyone, professionals and admirers.

Moreover, we are lucky to realize the event in an incredible context: a really huge beach on which has been created the largest open-air gym in Europe, which boasts the partnership of prestigious international companies.

The focus of the event is to give life to an "active" weekend in which ALL can find their dimension... young and old, workaholic and party-goers, fitness addicted and curious, motivated teachers and students.

That of 2018 will be the 13th edition and the enthusiasm and passion with which all the staff strives to achieve it has not changed in fact, grows year by year, making it more and more special and rich in content.

I saw Bibione Beach Fitness born and grow, share it with the thousands of people who have chosen him over the years made me proud ... what better engine to engage to make it more beautiful?


Artistic director