Beach Fitness Convention

14th edition !!!!

Unbelievable! Only an organized team can make a spectacular appointment!Bibione Beach Fitness is a unique experience, but its realization is the result of a long creative, organizational and promotional work that only a big team can do in the best way.

There is nothing same in Europe... a huge beach transformed into an imposing open-air gym, 10,000 sq.m. of platforms set up on the sand for over 250 hours of lessons for a whole weekend ... I assure you that there is nothing like that!!

For this reason that I insist on believing that it is a fabulous project that deserves to be cultivated and enriched every year with new ideas, proposals and innovations to give to all our fans The 2019th edition will be the most beautiful ever and designed for ALL: fans, professionals, revelers, fitness employees, curious, beginners, friends, coaches or occasional visitors ... everyone will find their own space. .. because the have a lot of SPACE on the beach!

Art director