BIBIONE 14th>16th SEPTEMBER 2018


Beach Fitness is an ambitious project that never stops to be enriched by novelties, always carefully chosen, to meet the more demanding tastes and above all, to give the opportunity to everyone to try what the world of Fitness offers to us. The professionalism of the involved trainers is internationally recognized and the program boasts the participants of highly resonant Presenters. The consolidated success over time has made this event a real phenomenon that every year calls thousand of fans from all over Europe ready to live a long 'active' weekend, in one of the most beautiful and well-equipped beaches of the high Adriatic. The 2018 edition will test all format related to toning up, you will dance to the beat of Zumba, you will ride a jump on trampolines, test yourself with Crossfit, you'll learn to breathe with the Power Yoga, you'll train to the punching bag and there will be always new choreographies on the step that will became the real challenge, but above all, you will share a passion that has no age limit.

The scene that will be in the eyes of the participants will once again be incredible: a lot of platforms set up on the beach a few meters from the sea animated at the same time by over 150 teachers with a program, between Friday and Sunday, with 250 lessons to try. Exciting evening parties on the beach, nights in the best clubs and stays at special prices complete the offer of a unique event.

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Silvia and
For us Bibione Beach Fitness has always been a convention in a unique location, every year it gives new ideas, always proposing innovative lessons with an high level! It is the convention where the spirit of fun and an unstoppable energy reign… it creates and strengths ties… leaving an indelible mark in the heart.
When I think about BBF I already know it will be a thrilling weekend! It’s like being in a big family. An hangout where we are all jointed by the passion for fitness, music and the desire to be together! It is a wonderful event!
The BBF Events presents amazing surprises every year! Facing the sea, sport and pleasure mingle in the perfect frame. Fitness and sun are a unique alliance. BBF is really magical. I cannot wait to be among you for this coming edition. Bibione stage is one of my favorite spot to give class on. Let's have fun all together!